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Ultrafiltration modules

RACAGO CHEMICALS HELLAS is the official distributor of DOW’s Reverse Osmosis (RO), Nanofiltration (NF), Ultrafiltration (UF) and Electrodeionization (EDI) products.

DOW’s Ultrafiltration (UF) modules, based on proven PVDF ‘outside-in’ fibre technology, offer high cleanability, low chemical consumption, high recovery, superior combination of mechanical properties and chemical resistance, setting the standard for Reverse Osmosis pre-treatment, drinking water production, and wastewater treatment.

The SFP/SFD series offers customers a proven product with a long list of installations world-wide. The IntegraPac series provides customers with an improved solution that is ready to be assembled. The DOW IntegraFlo modules, ultra-large surface area products, are the latest answer to the industry’s continuous need to lower water costs.

DOW Ultrafiltration products — SFP/SFD series

  • DOW Ultrafiltration SFP-2860
  • DOW Ultrafiltration SFD-2860
  • DOW Ultrafiltration SFP-2880
  • DOW Ultrafiltration SFD-2880

DOW Ultrafiltration products — IntegraPac™ series

  • DOW IntegraPac™ IP-51
  • DOW IntegraPac™ IP-77
  • DOW IntegraPac™ IPD-51
  • DOW IntegraPac™ IPD-77

DOW Ultrafiltration products — IntegraFlo™

  • DOW IntegraFlo™ DW102-1100
  • DOW IntegraFlo™ IW102-1100
  • DOW IntegraFlo™ IW74-1100


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